Manage Risk Everywhere Work Is Done

Defensible Real-Time Insights Across all Your Company’s Data Sources



Hanzo captures data everywhere employees communicate and collaborate, enabling your company to quickly resolve internal investigations and prepare defensible litigation responses, while mitigating risk through digital archiving and IP Protection.


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Take Control of the Risks Hiding in Your Data

Fortune 500 companies trust Hanzo with the data they need for investigations, litigation, archiving, compliance, and more. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

Hanzo’s Enterprise Solutions Help You Manage Risk Everywhere Work Is Done


Internal Investigations

Identify, monitor, preserve, and collect all employee communication & collaboration data to resolve issues before they lead to expensive litigation.

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Litigation & eDiscovery

Defensibly preserve and collect data across all your company’s SaaS apps (including Slack and other hard-to-capture data sources), while orchestrating cross-platform legal holds in just a few clicks.

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Enterprise Information Archiving

Gain insights into unstructured data and ensure defensible data preservation by archiving and auditing public websites and internal SaaS systems.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Mitigate risk and provide defensible proof in the event of IP disputes through consistent records management, including employee and vendor communications across all platforms.

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The Way We Work Has Changed. Has Your Risk Management Strategy?

The average enterprise uses 288 SaaS apps across their organization. The average employee uses 10 different apps to collaborate and communicate throughout the day. These apps make us more connected and more efficient — and they make risk management exponentially more complicated.



We Can Capture All Your Data Sources

Get the data you need from the applications that power your business, including hard-to-capture sources like Slack, Google, Jira, and more.

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Are You Prepared to Manage Collaboration Data Risk?

Hanzo and The Association of Certified Ediscovery Specialists (ACEDS) have produced the latest iteration of the first industry benchmark of collaboration data as a source for ediscovery. We assessed the prevalence and reliance of collaboration tools within enterprises and the organizational readiness for litigation response now and in the future.

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Let us Reduce Your Risk

Fortune 500 companies trust Hanzo with the data they need for investigations, litigation, and compliance. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

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