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Discover how The Hanzo Platform is the gold standard for capturing dynamic and interactive web content. With customization, evidentiary protection, scalability and compliance features built-in, learn how web capture is made easy with Hanzo.


What Our Clients Say

  • Ted-Ryan-Coca-Cola.png

    The Coca-Cola Company has used Hanzo Archives to capture and preserve corporate and brand websites and social media sites for years. Hanzo has been a great partner in this endeavor, and together we have worked to create a groundbreaking historical package. The Coca-Cola Company has been very happy with the archiving services provided by Hanzo Archives.

    The Coca-Cola Company

  • Usama-Kahf-Fisher-Phillips.jpeg

    Hanzo is my go-to source for social media collections. Their web captures are very presentable and it is easy to authenticate the evidence. Also, when time is of the essence, I appreciate how responsive they are.

    Fisher Phillips

  • Kelly-Twigger-ESI.png

    With Hanzo, I don’t have to worry about defensible collections of any kind of web content. When my clients need to preserve web content for litigation or compliance reasons, Hanzo is the “how to get it done right” of web and social media collection.

    ESI Attorneys

  • Calvert-Logo.png

    "Other archiving companies didn't meet our standards or weren’t within our budget. The Hanzo Platform exceeds our high expectations, has the right balance of core features, and provides the added value of great support.”

    Calvert Investments

  • Wendy-Riggs-Twitter.jpg

    "Hanzo is a great tool for collecting data from dynamic databases and other web-based sources. Not only does it provide us with the ability to preserve and collect from otherwise difficult data sources, but it enables us to produce in an understandable and presentable format."

    Wendy Riggs