Working at Hanzo

Hanzo is a rapidly growing web business. We have secured substantial Venture Capital investment to fund our next stage growth and innovation. We are looking for people to join our team who are smart and know how to get things done.

We are a low ego environment where being a team member, listening to your teammates and contributing your own ideas are all key. We are an ideal workplace for curious minded individuals who are keen to collaborate on making things work better.

What We Do

Hanzo is used by some of the world’s most advanced organisations to collect, preserve and analyse web content. We operate in genuine ‘white space’ where we’re faced with new and unusual problems everyday. So if you’re the type of engineer who’s bored doing the same old stuff, Hanzo could be the place for you.

Hanzo is a web crawling company and as such our deployments don’t resemble your typical web app. We use AWS a lot and in a dynamic way. We also provide a version of our software for clients to install on their private internal networks. At Hanzo we prefer the tool that’s fit for purpose over the tool with a PR department.

Why Hanzo?

Hanzo has a blue chip customer base across multiple industries in multiple countries who work with us to map out what they need from Hanzo. Our customers tend to be informed and forward thinking.

We don’t have a number of square holes we are looking for pegs to fit; what we have is a range of opportunities for different opportunities for a number of different people. We are not big on job titles, and we are keen to find people who straddle disciplines and can be an effective part of our team.

What we can offer is a great place to work, in a company that’s light on politics and heavy on solving interesting problems. We are based in the UK and London, and have people working for us across the EU. We work out of offices and from home, all of which makes for a great work environment where you’ll find plenty of scope for personal growth and lots of stimulating work to do right across the company.

Who We’re Looking For

We are on the look-out for people who like a challenge and relish the prospect of working with a great team and fantastic product. We want to hear from people who are very good at what they do, quietly confident in their abilities and comfortable communicating with experts and laymen alike.

We are acquiring lots of new customers and rapidly improving our code base and adding new features to our product. We’re looking for high quality, creative problem solving engineers to join the existing team in building the Hanzo Platform.

We run both in the cloud and on premise which means we need robust systems that can run ‘hands off’. We are also starting to apply machine learning to the wealth of data we’ve collected in the past few years.

What We Offer

For our developers, we offer the chance to work on interesting and challenging ideas, in an atmosphere of creative collaboration using the best tools for the job.

Flexible and responsible working patterns, avoiding crunch time. We don’t believe in death marches or unsustainable work hours.

Decent holidays and generous salaries. All the hardware, software and training that you need to enable you to do your best work and continue to get better at what you do.


If you are interested in working with us, please drop us an email - with a CV, links to your work, and a few lines on why you think why we would be a good fit for each other. Email us at

We’re not setting a deadline, because it’s more important to us that we find the right people than to find you by a certain date. But we do want to recruit as quickly as we can, so the sooner you start a conversation with us the better.

Open Positions