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Hanzo Is Best-in-Class For Asana

Hanzo is an official Technology Partner of Asana. With Hanzo, enterprises can defensibly capture, process, and present searchable data from Asana for litigation, investigations, and auditing.


Get Mission-critical Context and Metadata from your Asana Data

As business communications sprawl across myriad applications, capturing data defensibly and providing data access to the right people as soon as possible is essential for managing risk.  Hanzo helps enterprises with this challenge. 


Capture Intelligently

Hanzo's API+ data capture approach helps collect details others can't and delivers more metadata than traditional methods.


Search & Cull

Lifelike context during discovery makes culling more efficient and effective and brings better insights for case strategy.



Review-ready exports speed outside counsel's access to data. No additional processing is required and an easy-to-view pdf makes the final review a breeze.

Discover The Truth Of The Matter In Your Data

Hanzo provides a secure and defensible method to collect Asana content for internal investigations and ediscovery needs. Hanzo captures searches, timelines, tasks, overviews, lists, boards, dashboards, calendars, and messages making them searchable and viewable in a near-native viewer. Reports and ediscovery review-platform-ready exports of culled data can easily be created using Illuminate.



About Asana

Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.

Support for Asana

Hanzo offers three scoping options for capturing Asana:

(1) A specified User,

(2) An Asana Project, or

(3) A date range.

The common behavior behind all captures is to authenticate with a user account that has the required permissions to access all the content you wish to capture.

Once complete, you can review PDFs of the captured content and Export them for Review.

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Hanzo can help your team capture data from these modern applications that power your enterprise.

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Security That Instills Peace of Mind

We focus on security and certifications so you don't have to.

  • SOC2 Type 2 Certified
  • Architected to be Secure from the Ground up
  • Enterprise grade controls

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