5 Reasons to Meet Hanzo at Legaltech during Legalweek

| January 16 2020

The clock is ticking until Legalweeek and you need to schedule your time wisely! Hanzo will be exhibiting and we'd love to meet. Following are five compelling reasons to connect with Hanzo during your Legalweek adventure. Book a meeting here.

  1. Slack - Say no more...we get it! We've seen the wide adoption of Slack, and it has caught on like wildfire because it is an amazing collaboration tool that people love to use daily. Your teams are communicating better and collaborating more often. Email is reduced —maybe even cut in half. But, what are you doing with that data? What happens if you have a duty to preserve it? Are you going to be forced to save and collect everything daily until that case is resolved? What happens if you have more than one matter at a time? Are you prepared to deal with the unwieldy volumes of this unstructured data? If you don't have your playbook satisfactorily dialed in, you will want to talk with the team at Hanzo. They have been focused directly on this problem and have a pretty unique solution that can help.

  2. Dynamic Web Content - Let's face it, static websites are a thing of the past. Today, they are continuously changing, becoming increasingly personalized, interactive and dynamic — enhancing the communication and experience for prospects and clients. If you're in regulated industries like finanancial services, and insurance embracing innovation despite regulation is key to compete in the marketplace. Hanzo has a solution that will give you peace of mind in your compliance measures.

  3. New Data Requires a New Paradigm for eDiscovery - Collaboration data has changed business communications. Conversations are threaded between multiple people who can join and leave conversation channels at any time. These conversations can be edited and deleted  and the conversation threads are filled with abbreviations, slang, emojis, gifs, links and videos — making finding relevant information challenging and context critical. We'd like to discuss your experience with new data types.

  4. Networking - Hanzo is proudly sponsoring The Corporate eDiscovery Hero Awards on February 3 from 6 pm - 10 pm honoring corporate legal professionals and teams that demonstrate excellence in ediscovery, legal operations, and litigation response. This year, Lesley Stahl, a correspondent from 60 Minutes, will be a featured guest. The evening promises to be filled with inspiration, great networking and a fun way to kick off Legalweek! You can get a 50% discount on your registration by using HANZOGUEST promocode.

  5. Good people - Ediscovery is hard work, especially with emerging data types and increasing data volumes. The team at Hanzo leverages our deep experience in capturing dynamic and interactive data sources to focus on tomorrow’s challenges today and bring context, understanding, and control to corporate legal and compliance teams.


Schedule a meeting today! We're ready and looking forward to learn more about your most pressing ediscovery and compliance challenges.

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