5 Slack Ediscovery Misconceptions That Increase Risk [Infographic]

| June 7 2021

As much as we hate to admit it, your mother was right. Planning ahead, adopting proactive processes, getting your tools in order, and making sure that you have a battle-tested approach for ediscovery is the best way to mitigate unnecessary risk and cost. 

Think about the last time someone in HR asked you to get data from Slack to investigate a workplace harassment complaint or you received a request for information regarding pending litigation. What was the process like? Was it easy to get access to the information needed? Were there any hurdles? One thing we hear from clients is that time is of the essence and that the sooner you get access to the information, the sooner you can start gathering insights regarding the issue and your relative strategy. 

If it hasn’t come up yet, it’s easy to bury your head in the sand and hope. Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy. There is a certain confidence that you can gain by knowing you’re prepared to professionally handle the data sources that your company relies upon whether it’s tried and true email or newer collaboration platforms that have changed the pace, tone, and how we communicate in business.  

Want a little food for thought on what misconceptions your legal team may be holding on to and how they can impact your business? Read on the infographic we’ve created below on the 5 Misconceptions About Slack That Puts Organizations At Risk. 




Learn About the 5 Dangerous Misconceptions About Slack Ediscovery

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