A Holiday Poem From Team Hanzo

| December 24 2018

It's Christmas Eve already, how quickly 2018 has passed. It's been a busy year—perhaps why it went so fast.

2018 was filled with new partnerships and technology innovations too. Of course we would be remiss, if we didn't mention Hanzo Dynamic Review

For the internet is dynamic, and companies have realized that static evidence simply will no longer sufficeThe possibility of missing relevant evidence is too big of a price. 

So this year, Hanzo brought Dynamic Review to RelativityIt streamlines the workflow to enhance productivity.

Review that's as natural as looking at the data live. Reviewers are as happy as bees in a hive. 

"Navigate dynamic data within a review platform? We know to date, that's certainly not the norm.

But seeing is believing, or so it is told. So ask us for a demo, we promise we won't think you too bold.

A highlight, we were, at #RelativityFestIn fact, an analyst, tweeted it best.

This year, we also heard the challenges from those who do manual investigations. Our response, a new AI-powered investigator that brings automation.

No longer will online social media investigations be a terrible chore. Organizations can efficiently identify profiles and uncover evidence galore. 

On this chilly winter's eve, as we reflect on some highlights of the year. The team at Hanzo has the opportunity to express gratitude and good cheer.

May your holidays be joyous and your New Year be bright. We hope Santa brings you all on your Christmas list tonight. 

As for Hanzo, we are grateful for our outstanding customers, partners, and team.  And, we look forward to 2019, a prosperous New Year full of steam!





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