A Short History of Web Archiving


I've been meaning to write a short history of web archiving for ages and I never got around to it. Fortunately, Ariel Bleicher did get around to it, with this great article in IEEE Spectrum:

<a href="http://spectrum.ieee.org/telecom/internet/a-memory-of-webs-past/0">A Memory of Webs Past</a>.

Definitely worth a read. Now a little into the future...

<a href="http://www.netpreserve.org/calendar">I'm presenting "Commercial Web Archives" at the next IIPC meeting at The Hague on 09 May 2011</a>, with a demonstration of what may be the next stage in the development of web archiving - including demo's of archived social media, form-based content (I don't mean simply logging in, I mean multi-page, multi-variable, complex forms), interactive Ajax pages, streaming media, etc. It's open to the public, so come along.

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