Advertising Standards Authority Now Covers Websites and Social Media

| March 7 2011

<a href=""><img class="alignleft" alt="asa_logo" src="" width="111" height="62" /></a>From 1st March 2011 the <a href="">Advertising Standards Authority</a> (ASA) of the UK <a href="">extends its online remit</a> "to cover companies’ own marketing claims on their own websites and in other non-paid for space they control", which means "marketing communications on companies own websites and in other non-paid space they control, like Facebook and Twitter".

This is an extension of ASA's existing remit for "internet ads in paid-for space, like banner ads, pop-ups and paid search results", resulting much needed broad coverage:
<blockquote>The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, which includes rules to make sure advertisements do not mislead, harm or offend, will be applied to all UK based company websites regardless of the sector or size of business or organisation.</blockquote>
Consumer protection is the key driver of this new initiative:
<blockquote>Since 2008, we have received over 4,500 complaints that we couldn’t deal with, but now anyone who has a concern about an online marketing communication will be able to turn to us. Not only is this good news for consumers, it is also good for business – marketing communications that are trusted are more likely to work and deliver value.</blockquote>
This story coincides with a recent television show, in which I was interviewed as an 'expert' in web archiving. I explained how an archive of a product vendors' website can be used as evidence of their 'product representations' at a given time. There is a non-disclosure on this story at the time of writing, so I'll write more after the show is aired later this year.

More information on <a href="">ASA's new online remit</a> is available on the <a href="">Advertising Standards Authority</a> website.

If you are a company using websites and social media for marketing communications and advertising to consumers, and you are interested in learning more about web archiving, please:

[button]<a title="Web Archiving For Compliance White Paper" href="">Download Website Compliance White Paper</a>[/button]

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