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3 Things the Financial Services industry should know about web archiving

Remember when nothing terribly important happened on social media? When Facebook was just a silly diversion where ...

Web Archiving for FINRA Compliance

Do your web archives have inTegrity? There’s a trend today toward more interactive and personalized web content, but ...

How Hanzo Is Helping in the Fight Against Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies don’t always inspire a great deal of sympathy; after all, who enjoys paying their car insurance ...

How Interactive Social Media Capture Can Help Firms Comply With FINRA Regulatory Notice 18-15

If you’re in the securities industry, you’re probably keenly attuned to recent regulatory guidance about determining ...

Smart archiving for proactive organizations

What would “smart” archiving look like for an organization?

Why FINRA Regulatory Notice 17-18 Demands Dynamic, Interactive Web Preservation: Part 2

As a securities professional, you’re good at shepherding your static communications through the complex maze of laws, ...

Don't let compliance get in the way of creativity

The risk posture Sitting at a hotel bar on a work jaunt, we struck up a conversation with a general counsel at a large ...

Compliance-driven Work Stress

Everywhere you turn these days in the compliance world, someone is talking about work stress. We are all over-worked! ...

What Instagram's IGTV Launch Means for Compliance and eDiscovery

Instagram is getting to be a pretty big deal, eh?  

Are Gen Z'ers going to make data security a bigger issue?

Admittedly we probably discuss generational differences a bit too much at a broader societal level. There are millions ...

Compliance Meets Social APIs

The Surprising Irony at the Intersection of Compliance and Social APIs

A FINRA Outsourcing Breakup

Dear Mr. Vendor,