Bishop Technologies, Inc. Now Features Hanzo Archiving Solutions


SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- March 2, 2012 -- <strong>Hanzo Archives is now in partnership with Bishop Technologies, adding native format <a title="Solutions" href="">web archiving</a> and <a title="Web Archiving Solutions For Social Media" href="">social media archiving </a>solutions to Bishop's client offerings</strong>.

This partnership represents both Hanzo's and Bishop's commitment to expand customer adoption of web and social media content as required forms of archival data in the enterprise. Though currently active, the two companies plan to discuss the results of this new partnership during a <a href="">webinar on March 15 at 9:00 a.m. PST</a>.

As a world leader in social media and website archiving solutions, Hanzo ensures Bishop can capture, preserve, and store online content in native format for its current and future client base. Bishop, a full service provider of custom archiving for electronically stored information (ESI), e-discovery and data migration solutions, boasts a long-standing relationship with partners such as EMC (SourceOne) and Autonomy. Hanzo currently supports Symantec Enterprise Vault™ via its Web Archive Connector, and continues to broaden support for other enterprise archive solutions.

"Websites, collaborative websites (SharePoint and Wikis for example) and social media are increasingly used in enterprise settings, and need to be processed alongside other ESI. We're excited to work with Bishop Technologies, who already offer their clients a broad-spectrum archiving solution for many forms of ESI. Together we broaden their support further with dynamic web and social media content.” Explains Hanzo's CEO, Mark Middleton, about the new partnership.

Bishop's President and Founder, Dale McVeen, shared this view of the partnership, “Bishop's foundation began in providing and supporting email archive solutions at a time when companies were just realizing the importance of accessibility and retrieval of their messaging content. Messaging content has gone well beyond just emails, and we recognize Hanzo as being in the forefont in their development of a web and social media archive solution that is like no other. As a leader in providing electronic messaging solutions and offering only the best in technology, we're excited about bringing web and social media into the marketplace.”

Those interested in further details on web and social media archiving are invited to <a title="Download White Papers On Web Archiving" href="">download this white paper</a>.

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