“Business As Such”: FINRA’S 11-39 Directs Social Media Use

As mentioned in our last post, <a title="Social Media Archiving, Like Social Media, is about Context" href="">archiving your business interactions across social media in context is not only wise, it's essential</a>.

Take FINRA's regulatory notice (11-39), issued last month. It's designed to provide businesses with specific guidance and clarification regarding compliance to FINRA rules, when communicating across social media sites and new technologies.

This notice goes beyond compliance departments and encompasses your entire company. Outlining issues of public relations, record keeping, PDAs, supervision protocols and more, FINRA 11-39 demands across-the-board social media accountability.

From the moment the first emails were broadcast across the web, chat rooms sprung to life, and people connected through <a href="">Friendster</a>, brick and mortar companies knew regulations and compliance guidelines were soon to follow.

Obviously, we knew it too. Thus the launch of our native format archiving solutions. The more specific regulations become, the more companies need to capture and archive their entire online presence.

If you are't yet familiar with FINRA 11-39, we invite you to read this brief summary of the regulatory notice, written by <a href="">Adam Nicolazzo</a>, on the <a href="">New York Securities Lawyers Blog</a>. And, download the eight page <a href="">PDF of 11-39</a> for your files.

After that you may want to <a title="Contact Us" href="">contact us</a> to explore your options for native format <a title="Products" href="">social media</a> and <a title="Solutions" href="">web archiving</a>.

A more comprehensive overview of social media and web archiving for compliance can be found below.

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