Cindy Jutras Talks Accounting In The Cloud


Today, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Cindy Jutras (pictured), President and Founder of Mint Jutras and renowned expert in analyzing the impact of enterprise applications on business performance.

With more than 35 years of corporate experience, Cindy has spent the past 6 years benchmarking the performance of software solutions in the context of the business benefits of technology. I had received an email invitation to her <a href=";pgr=674&amp;src=8027&amp;ctg=432&amp;ast=18647&amp;crv=0&amp;cmp=4489&amp;frm=1368&amp;autodn=1&amp;yld=0&amp;pi=1683575">upcoming webinar</a>, so I decided to give her a call.

During our conversation, Cindy explained that many world-class enterprise organizations are migrating to cloud-based accounting SaaS programs, for reasons such as: competitive advantage, streamlining their operations, and supporting the growth of their businesses.

Other advantages these enterprises anticipate from cloud computing are: automatic upgrades to technology instead of relying on manual processes, centralization of standards, and the ability for employees and satellite locations to have remote access to business transaction capabilities.

On the downside, some concerns are: issues of security (which Cindy disputes can be better in SaaS systems than on-premise solutions), the fear of escalating costs, and unpredictable performance (which Cindy also disputes based on track records of SaaS accounting systems, some of which come with guarantees of up time.)

Speaking with Cindy was extremely beneficial on many levels. Primarily, my takeaway is a better understanding of what specific challenges companies are facing in cloud and how Hanzo's web and social media archiving solutions may be tailored and applied to the specific needs of enterprise organizations.

For those interested in more information about Cindy, her services and insights, I invite you to <a href="">read her biography</a>, <a href="">check out her website</a>, <a href="">browse her blog</a>, and <a href=";pgr=674&amp;src=8027&amp;ctg=432&amp;ast=18647&amp;crv=0&amp;cmp=4489&amp;frm=1368&amp;autodn=1&amp;yld=0&amp;pi=1683575">attend her webinar</a>.

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