Coming Soon: Hanzo Is Proud to Participate in Slack Frontiers

| September 16 2020

One of the unexpected silver linings of 2020 and the global coronavirus pandemic has been the tremendous—and unprecedented—availability of virtual conferences. This year, the show at Slack Frontiers is going on, but it will be entirely online. 

As a Slack business partner, Hanzo is pleased to be participating in this reimagined virtual Frontiers experience for 2020.  We’ll be helping showcase the multifaceted value of Slack for the enterprise, and sharing information about our purpose-built Hanzo Hold for Slack application that helps global organizations govern their Slack data to meet legal and compliance requirements.


What Is Slack Frontiers?

Slack Frontiers is Slack’s annual customer conference. It offers expert insights and educational content—straight from Slack’s teams and partners—that can help customers maximize the value of their Slack application. 


This year, Slack Frontiers is running as a global two-day conference that’s entirely free to attend. Here in the U.S., it’ll be live on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8. The full agenda—packed with workshops, tutorials, tips and tricks, and panel discussions—is available here


One of the unique things we love about Slack is how well it integrates with other applications. Slack Frontiers is a great opportunity for developers to gain in-depth knowledge about Slack’s app development process. There will be sessions about building custom integrations and automating processes and workflows, including how to use Slack’s Workflow Builder. There are also discussions scheduled around security, agility, and using Slack to improve sales and customer service.


Why at Hanzo We’re Big Fans of Slack

Slack is an amazing tool for streamlining communications and keeping teams connected—even in this crazy year of remote working and the constant interruptions and distractions that, for many of us, define working from home. Slack’s channel structure makes it easy for teams to ask questions, seek input, monitor progress, and just generally stay in touch without cluttering their email inboxes. Plus, thanks to the ability to attach files, Slack’s chronological logs operate as a historical record of essential project information, making it fast and easy for new team members to get up to speed. And Slack’s integrations with other applications, such as calendar apps, video conferencing software like Zoom, and project management applications like Asana or Jira, make it a one-stop shop where teams can effortlessly get work done. 


In fact, we’ve got a two-part blog series coming up about how and why our own Brad Harris, VP of Product at Hanzo, went from a Slack skeptic to a Slack fanatic. Stay tuned to learn more. 


Hanzo and Slack Go Together Like … 

Slack is a truly outstanding collaboration platform.  But like many great applications, it takes an ecosystem to meet the needs of today’s enterprise organizations. In the case of Slack, they’ve embraced partners like Hanzo to address ediscovery, regulatory compliance, investigation preparedness, and sophisticated information governance. Its API is available for other developers to integrate with, allowing Slack partners to expand the value and address specialized functions via that ecosystem. 


That’s why we’ve purpose-built a solution—Hanzo Hold—that helps organizations successfully adopt Slack as their collaboration platform of choice, while also upholding their regulatory, litigation, and information governance standards. Hanzo Hold safely preserves Slack communications and enables their collection and export into standard review platforms. 

Interested in learning more?

Contact us to schedule a demonstration for one our Slack ediscovery experts to contact you regarding your needs.



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