Compliance AND Competitive Advantage


<strong>When it comes to websites, no one wants compliance OR competitive advantage. AND is much better.</strong>

Hanzo Archives meets with many financial services firms that have highly sophisticated websites. Especially in financial services, where so much customer interaction happens online and where competition is ever-present, a company’s website can be a major competitive advantage.

However, many companies we talk to experience a compliance dilemma: the advanced, interactive, cutting-edge content that their sales and marketing groups deploy can’t be accurately captured by static, outdated, old-style archive systems. Companies want an <em>and</em> solution.

Compliance teams want to support the business' goals and, at the same time, protect the business against unnecessary exposure to risk. Companies want to know, “How can we use the latest web technologies to our advantage while at the same time creating efficient and effective compliance for our web content?”

One recent example was a financial services firm with a webpage containing a Javascript-enabled table where website visitors could choose from a variety of options to display the investment packages that matched their goals: growth vs. income, time horizons, equities vs. bonds, etc. The firm’s clients loved the ease of use and the clarity. It was a competitive advantage for the firm.

But with hundreds of possible combinations, how would the compliance team capture the website so it could be reproduced in exactly the same way it was presented? Compliance needed a solution, because removal of a critical client-facing feature was not an option. A static view of the page was not an option—it would not reveal all of the combinations. The site needed to be captured exactly as it was presented.

Enter Hanzo. Hanzo was able to capture the company’s site exactly as it appeared and functioned on the live site and reproduce it from the archive precisely as it was. Using the same table in the archive, a user could produce the same result as the live site would have provided, including all of the investment literature and documentation.

Of course, there are many such examples among Hanzo’s clients, which include many of the top financial service companies in the world. <a title="Contact Us" href="">Contact us</a> and see how Hanzo can help you maintain compliance for one of your company’s key competitive advantages: your website.


About The Author

Jim focuses on market strategy, product expansion and business development for the company’s enterprise web and social media archiving products and solutions. Previously, Jim was Vice President Enterprise Management for Merrill Corporation and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Lextranet, a leading provider of eDiscovery document hosting solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments, acquired by Merrill in 2007. Jim graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and later served as a deep-sea diver in the U.S. Navy.