Compliance Meets Social APIs

| June 5 2018

The Surprising Irony at the Intersection of Compliance and Social APIs

We should call 2018 the year of the privacy policy. Users spent the better part of May combing through inboxes chocked full of Privacy Policy updates and Opt-in pleas from the brands they follow. Triggered by new European data and privacy laws, this move toward transparency has a global impact . But, it’s clear that GDPR compliance is not the only conversation that’s happening about responsibilities individuals and organizations should uphold when dealing with personal data.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal brought further scrutiny regarding the access that companies have to data and how that access impacts their users. The nature of the breach, and the political follow-through, brought privacy debates to a head at a global level. The response of leading web apps and social platforms has been to suspend or in some cases fully deprecate access to data through APIs. So, while many companies worldwide were combing their resources and racing to comply with GDPR directives, others were scrambling to pick up the pieces of any system that relied on the data that a now ineffective API previously offered.

In the intersection of these two events there sits a brutal, often overlooked irony. Compliance leaders across the globe use various monitoring technologies to maintain regulatory compliance and ensure communication integrity for the benefit of consumers. For example, FINRA and SEC recordkeeping requirements outline a firm’s responsibilities to archive web and social communications to prove aboveboard communication. The irony? Many of these firms are relying solely on API based tools to capture and archive web content.

What do organizations do when the need to record web content collides with an API landscape that is challenging, at best? Is it time for a different kind of archiving?

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Hanzo is solving the single biggest challenge in above-board compliance and litigation today -- contextual investigation, capture, and preservation of dynamic web content.

Through one sophisticated platform, we capture and replicate team messaging data, social media engagement, and interactive web content then replicate it in its native format for analysis and review.

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