Countdown 3,2,1 Legalweek 2023

| March 14 2023

Ready for lift-off? Before you know it, you'll be boarding a plane for Legalweek, the annual event that draws thousands of legal professionals to gather, network with peers, earn their CLEs, and explore the latest tools and trends affecting the industry.  Hanzo is a proud Legalweek sponsor and we'd love to meet with you. The following are five compelling reasons to connect with Hanzo during the conference or celebrate with Hanzo and ACEDS at the Annual Legalweek Community Cocktail Reception.

1) You're looking for insights on taming the insane volume of collaboration data.

With the rapid adoption of enterprise collaboration platforms, channel and message volumes are exploding, making data management overwhelming and costly. There is so much volume that it makes it mind-bogglingly difficult to identify responsive content.  For example, we have customers with custodians who are part of 8,000 channels and have matters with 86 million messages. Imagine sifting through that alone. Ooof! 😅 If Slack or Teams has got you scratching your head about how to narrow the scope, you may very well want to pay us a visit and talk shop with an experienced and empathetic crew at managing these volumes.

2) You find collaboration data complex, fragmented, and challenging to understand what you have quickly.

Participation in collaboration platforms is fluid, with members joining and leaving anytime. Finding responsive information is made more complex by the various permutations of public and private channels and active and passive participation. Keywords can only get you so far if you don't know the relationships between users and their conversations in context. Understanding this structure makes it easier to narrow the scope of the collection and understand what is critical for eyes-on-review.

3)The rising climate of investigations makes managing risk formidable.

Data privacy and corporate responsiveness to investigation requests have never been more mission-critical.  Visualizing your data faster by understanding relationships between users and the context of a conversation improves the effectiveness of the investigation. AI-powered data enhancements automate the detection of PII, toxicity, trade secrets, and more to improve ECA and investigation efficiency.

4) You're tired of exports in JSON format or PSTs with one-sided conversation fragments.

Collaboration content is complex to inspect because it is laden with emojis, acronyms, and abbreviations. Additionally, messaging data is often disjointed single lines of text where context can be tough to discern. If you can't see the contextual conversation as it happened, everything takes more time than it should. Exports in PST / JSON files are a one-way street to higher costs and slower performance. 

5) You're looking for a partner that gets your unique enterprise-grade challenges and has the experience to support you now and in the unknown future. 

Let's face it collaboration has been around for a while, and only recently are collaboration solutions making data compliance and ediscovery a serious consideration. Many organizations currently use a couple of hundred SaaS solutions at any time, most of which have not been developed with APIs designed to export data in a format that supports legal's needs. Flexibility in the approach to capture data despite possible API limitations will be critical for responding to ediscovery requests and maintaining compliance with business communications.

If any of these reasons resonated with you stop by Hanzo Legalweek Booth 2123, or better yet, schedule a meeting for a deeper discussion. Schedule a Meeting



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