Early Access: The State of Enterprise Collaboration: 2017 Executive Survey Report

| October 30 2017


Collaborative platforms are all the rage in the news, but what technologies are enterprise companies actually utilizing? Hanzo conducted an extensive survey of executives within Fortune 500 companies to determine the top collaboration trends in 2017 and to predict the future of these platforms in 2018 and beyond. 
Attendees of our upcoming webinar, The State of Enterprise Collaboration: 2017 Executive Survey Results, will be among the first to receive insights from the full report. The webinar will take place on October 31 at 11am EST. Compliance and eDiscovery experts will address the results of the survey during the webinar, plus provide insight into the future predictions based on this year’s results.

One key finding: email for internal communications is out. Fortune 500 companies are using platforms that allow for collaboration in the way that teams function best. As a result, development teams are using platforms that cater to their specific needs, which vary from those in marketing or sales. Hanzo’s goal in this report is to analyze the extent to which platforms are being used, so that corporate legal departments can best address the compliance issues that arise from the increased use of these technologies.

“A core part of the Hanzo roadmap includes continual innovation to take eDiscovery and Compliance from reactive to proactive. As we found in the survey, technology is changing rapidly, and eventually, human beings alone won’t be enough to sufficiently address the amount of data within these platforms,” said Mark Williamson, CTO at Hanzo. “With the intelligence gained from our research, we’re able to confidently and even more strategically continue the incorporation of artificial intelligence into our legally-defensible archiving technology.”

The report also analyzes content preservation trends for the drivers behind legally defensible captures for the enterprise, including the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) boom and the increase in telecommuting positions. In addition to Hanzo’s results, major consulting firms have provided insightful perspective into the importance of keeping up with the increasing rate of adoption for new collaborative platforms. The full report will be released to the public during the first week of November, following “first-look” access for webinar attendees.

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