eDiscovery Journal Promotes Social Media Archiving


This past December 2011, Hanzo's Mark Williamson wrote <a href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/email-dead-at-40-the-rise-of-the-social-enterprise/">this post</a> about the impending death of email due to the rise of the social enterprise.

A few months ago, in January, I attended <a title="Web Archiving Takeaways: Surfing the fringes of LegalTech NY 2012" href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/web-archiving-takeaways-surfing-the-fringes-of-legaltech-ny-2012/">LegalTech NY 2012</a>, where I had the opportunity to catch up with <a href="http://ediscoveryjournal.com/page/about">Jason Velasco</a>, CEO of the <a href="http://ediscoveryjournal.com/">eDiscovery Journal</a> (eDJ), and discuss the growing, critical role native-format, social media archiving plays in eDiscovery.

Last month, March 2012, Barry Murphy, an eDJ Expert Consultant, wrote this blog post titled "<a href="http://ediscoveryjournal.com/2012/03/social-media-collection-and-preservation/">Social Media Collection and Preservation</a>", which gives Hanzo Archives a nice mention. Doesn't this confirm the necessity of capturing and preserving social media and web activity across all industries?

At Hanzo, we have clients who use their web and social media archives for eDiscovery, Information Management, and Cultural Heritage. Often though, corporations who should be engaging in web and social media archiving aren't sure of what it is, how it works, and where to start. To that end, we've published several resources for your edification—from this <a title="Web Archive Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault" href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/web-archive-connector-for-symantec-enterprise-vault/">datasheet</a> on our joint solution with Symantec Enterprise Vault™ to white papers on using web and social media archives for <a title="Web Archiving Solutions For eDiscovery" href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/learning/web-archiving-solutions-for-ediscovery/">eDiscovery</a> and <a title="Web Archiving Solutions for Information Governance" href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/learning/web-archiving-solutions-for-information-governance/">Information Management</a>.

Should further questions arise about what web and social media archiving solutions are the best for your business, please feel free to <a title="Contact Us" href="http://www.hanzoarchives.com/contact-us/">contact us for a demo</a>.

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