Webinar Wrap-Up: eDiscovery with the C-Suite

| April 5 2018


The Hanzo team had the pleasure of hosting eDiscovery with the C-Suite, a webinar featuring Relativity CEO Andrew Sieja and Hanzo CEO Kevin Gibson. The leaders in eDiscovery technology focused on the changing digital landscape and the complications of addressing these changes with traditional eDiscovery. As technology continues to evolve at increasing speed, the two shared insight into the future of eDiscovery and how the enterprise is managing the move towards unstructured content.

Unstructured content is taking over

Email has long been the primary form of communication for the workplace, but recently, collaborative platforms like Slack and Confluence have taken over workplace communications. As a result of the instant-messaging culture that is on the rise, unstructured content is challenging eDiscovery professionals to adapt their information governance strategies to address these forms of content.

New applications come up all the time

Whether it's Slack, Confluence, Sharepoint, a different platform, or a combination of tools, every new application brings a unique set of challenges for eDiscovery professionals. Here's what Andrew Sieja had to say about addressing them:

"Many of these tools don’t necessarily have built in eDiscovery capabilities or built in ways to extract the data out of the system. What’s really exciting about Hanzo and what you guys are doing, and why I’m really excited about the integration with Relativity, is that our customers can effectively solve this problem very easily.”   

How does artificial intelligence fit into eDiscovery?

As the amount of data available continues to grow exponentially, many companies are turning to artificial intelligence to fill the gaps. eDiscovery is no different, and machine learning is quickly making its way into the daily information governance processes for organizations. With regard to how Relativity is incorporating AI into its systems, Andrew Sieja added,

"We’re using machine learning to analyze the data and then amplify the desires of the legal team to find specific types of content."

With the introduction of artificial intelligence, some professionals have expressed concern about the legal defensibility of capturing data with machine learning. Hanzo has worked to ensure the same standard of defensibility into the new digital age of collaborative technology. Hanzo CEO Kevin Gibson noted,

“The challenge for us as an industry is to ensure that we provide the tools to make the legal, compliance and risk worlds comfortable with using this technology. All of these tools that we’re talking about, like Slack, they’re really exciting advances for business, so we want to grab those opportunities, but we want to do it in a safe way.”

Stay ahead of the curve

One thing is clear: if eDiscovery professionals are not actively addressing the rise of unstructured content, organizations will quickly fall behind as the data continues to increase. By proactively managing this content through forward-thinking eDiscovery tools, your team will be able to remain confident when faced with new collaborative platforms. 

If you missed the live event, you can still check out the replay of eDiscovery with the C-Suite here. To learn more about Hanzo's new partnership with Relativity, visit our partner page.

If you're planning to attend RelativityFest London, be sure to stop by the Hanzo booth!


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