Financial Services Web Archiving: The Growing Need


As data gets bigger and more global, the financial services sector, like many others, faces the challenge of big data storage, governance, and management.

In Nancy Turbé's article titled "<a href="">Five Key Challenges with Financial Services Data</a>", she outlines the looming data crises financial firms face.

With the advent of emergent communication technologies, the challenges Turbé outline promise to get much worse. This digital landscape is changing how every industry conducts business, and virtually none are as heavily regulated as financial services.

Keeping compliant, creating and maintaining a clear and robust audit trail, as well as being able to effectively manage your information governance protocols can be a huge drain of your time and resources. It effects your ability to remain competitive, which is a direct hit to your bottom line.

If you are a financial services provider it's imperative you look into web archiving your data. Not only does it allow you to capture, preserve, and store your web and social media content in foresically sound, native format web archives, but it allows for easy search and quick extraction of the information you need when you need it.Think about the benefits of clean audit trails, easy web and social media content organization, plus hassle-free data storage—that's only part of the web archiving picture.

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