Hanzo and Alvarez & Marsal collaborate on GDPR Information Governance


Hanzo’s Web and Social Messaging Collection Platform to support Alvarez & Marsal’s Information Governance team to identify enterprise collaborative PII

September 12, 2017 -- Hanzo, the world leader in AI-driven legally defensible capture, preservation and analysis of web and social media content, today announced their collaboration with Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), a leading global professional services firm. The companies will combine forces to support enterprises who want to be operationally ready for the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for web and social data.

With the recent $2.7bn EU antitrust fine the EU levied on Google, it is clear that the EU plans on aggressively pursuing compliance of its regulations and laws generally, and no company is immune. Come May 2018, organisations need to be operationally ready to adhere to the GDPR, or face a fine of up to 4% of global revenues. For some enterprises, that makes Google’s $2.7bn fine look like a drop in the ocean.

In response, A&M, who is relied upon by companies worldwide to help with proper information governance, has extended its GDPR offering and will join forces with Hanzo for the collection and analysis of unstructured content.

Unstructured data content is one of the most challenging aspects of information governance. Working with Hanzo, A&M will extend its solution to cover social GDPR adherence - personally identifiable information (PII). Enterprise web, social and collaborative content is exploding, and now accounts for up to 30% of a corporation’s content. However, this type of content is very difficult to identify, control, analyse and act on without the proper tools and utilities. In addition, demonstrating an audit trail around GDPR compliance related to social and collaborative content is a critical component of adherence.

“Alvarez & Marsal has been at the forefront of developing and executing on an appropriate information governance strategy related to GDPR,” said James Donnelly, Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal Disputes and Investigations. “With the requirement to identify personal information for customer/ employee requests under GDPR, the challenges to comply and be confident of compliance, are greater considering enterprise social and collaborative systems are the communications backbone in companies. With the Alvarez & Marsal / Hanzo solution, our customers can rest assured of full GDPR compliance within their enterprise systems.”

Those wishing to find out more about how Hanzo and Alvarez & Marsal are approaching unstructured content and GDPR can join a free webinar by clicking here. Featured speakers include General Counsel from Microsoft and Walmart.

About Hanzo: Hanzo is the world leader and Fortune 1000’s most relied-upon solution for AI-driven legally defensible capture, preservation, and analysis of web and social media content. We help eDiscovery, Compliance, Risk and Investigations professionals do their jobs faster and with higher levels of quality.

Hanzo collects anything you can see in a browser. Amazing companies in the Banking, Financial Services, Investment Management, Energy, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Government industries trust Hanzo. We are also relied upon by large Technology companies who are often involved with litigation and IP protection.

About Alvarez & Marsal: Companies, investors and government entities around the world turn to Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) when conventional approaches are not enough to activate change and achieve results.

Privately held since 1983, A&M is a leading global professional services firm that delivers business performance improvement, turnaround management and advisory services to organizations seeking to transform operations, catapult growth and accelerate results through decisive action. Our senior professionals are experienced operators, world-class consultants and industry veterans who leverage the firm's restructuring heritage to help leaders turn change into a strategic business asset, manage risk and unlock value at every stage.


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