Hanzo Hold’s Latest Release Makes it Simple to Understand & Manage The Scope of Discovery In Slack

| June 30 2020

Hanzo is pleased to share the latest enhancements to Hanzo Hold, our purpose-built application for preserving and reviewing Slack collaboration content. Driven by strong customer input and insights, we’ve completed a comprehensive update to the user experience to support greater efficiency and ease of use.

I am particularly excited about Hanzo Hold’s expanded channel visibility and scope management capabilities.  The application has always excelled at easy scoping of holds and collections.  Now, users can instantly see what direct messages and team channels are associated with custodians, optionally add specific channels of interest, and/or exclude identified channels that are not relevant to the scope of discovery or investigation.

Channels can be easily added and removed from scope via enhanced channel management capabilities.


Use Hanzo Hold For Your Next Internal Investigation With Slack Content

One of our customers described a perfect use case. They needed to quickly perform an internal investigation regarding alleged employee misconduct. They added the employee as a silent custodian, and could readily see all of the conversation threads (including edited and deleted messages) over the timeframe of the incident. Within minutes, they were able to hone in on several direct messages between individuals, and run keyword searches to see where particular discussions were occurring. 

Within minutes, they were able to hone in on several direct messages between individuals, and run keyword searches to see where particular discussions were occurring.

They could easily add custodians as the circle widened, then focus specifically on relevant time frames and channels. They relied upon Hanzo’s ability to automatically scan their Slack instance to identify where employees had interacted, without the need to first know where to look. Such insights are incredibly powerful for rapid response. And when litigation was being contemplated, they were already addressing their legal hold obligations by preserving the relevant content in Hanzo’s secure content repository.


Hanzo Hold Helps More Than Just Discovery

Such improvements to user experience are critical as more teams within the organization come to rely on Hanzo Hold. We’re seeing the demand for Hanzo Hold going beyond just the legal department and litigation response.  

  • Human Resource teams are seeking greater visibility of what information is being shared and topics discussed in Slack. 

  • Corporate compliance and privacy personnel are seeking greater assurance that collaboration tools are being used appropriately and in accordance with policy directives.

  • Information security and incident response teams need near-instantaneous access to such essential internal communication threads. 

As collaboration tools have become indispensable in support of work-from-home and distance working imperatives, corporate teams are all benefiting from the power of Hanzo Hold to enable needed governance and discovery response.

Find out more about our latest release here.  And stay tuned… our agile development team is constantly improving Hanzo Hold as we work hand-in-hand with our customers and prospects to excel at collaboration.


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