Hanzo to Present Five Dangerous Misconceptions About Slack Ediscovery At  Legalweek(year) Series 4

| April 29 2021

Coming May 11th, don't miss Legalweek(year)'s educational programming for the fourth event in the series. 

During previous virtual Legalweek(year) sessions, Hanzo presented facilitated discussions about ediscovery for managing vast data volumes of Slack and avoiding over-collecting data from Google Workspace.   We also provided a dynamic web archiving session focused on helping enterprises capture their complex, interactive website data to demonstrate compliance. 

For May, mark your diary at 10:15 am EDT and visit Hanzo's channel to attend this next facilitated discussion.


5 Dangerous Misconceptions About Slack Ediscovery

Presented by Brad Harris, VP of Product

May 11, 2021, at 10:15 am EDT

Organizations using Slack as their communication and collaboration tool should know that the content within can be responsive to discovery requests. Unfortunately, many organizations are woefully underprepared to respond to preservation obligations and discovery demands. Worse, many are unaware of their lack of readiness because their approaches are theoretical and not yet fully battle-tested. Before the proverbial “day in court” arrives, now is the time to prepare. After all, you don’t want to be found “slacking on your duty” by the judge.

In this session, attendees will learn about five compelling misconceptions when it comes to Slack ediscovery, and why failing to recognize these challenges will lead to unnecessary cost and burden — or worse — for their organizations. Regardless of which version of Slack you’re using, now is the time to invest in ediscovery readiness to overcome common challenges.

Here’s a sneak peek at the five misconceptions:

  1. Slack data is rarely relevant to discovery
  2. Preserving and producing Slack data isn’t proportional
  3. We’re really not using Slack all that much
  4. Slack is just text messaging, right?
  5. Isn’t Slack content just like email?

You’ll want to attend to learn more details about what these misconceptions mean to your organization and see a quick demo of how Hanzo Hold can help corporate legal teams efficiently manage their mission-critical Slack discovery workflows.

Attend here: https://www.event.law.com/legalweek/Hanzo 

You'll have to log in to Legalweek and then you can add the facilitated discussion to your calendar

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