Hanzo to Present Tips On Slack Plus Discovery At  Legalweek(year) Series 3

| April 6 2021

Coming April 13th, don't miss Legalweek(year)'s Keynote, Peter A. Winn, Acting Chief Privacy and Civil Liberties Officer (CPCLO) of the United States Department of Justice, who'll be sharing his insights on privacy in his keynote session titled, “The Next Paradigm: Privacy Governance in the New Era.” You'll also want to check out the discussions around legal technology trends and challenges facing corporate legal teams. 

During the previous virtual Legalweek(year) sessions, Hanzo offered facilitated discussions on ediscovery for managing vast data volumes of Slack and avoiding over-collecting data from Google Workspace.   We also provided a dynamic web archiving session focused on helping enterprises capture their complex, interactive website data to demonstrate compliance. 

For this upcoming series in April, we'll be shining a light onto the challenges corporate legal professionals face when managing ediscovery and investigations with Slack Plus.  Mark your calendar and visit Hanzo's channel to attend this facilitated discussion.


Legalweek(year) Facilitated Discussion:

Got Slack Plus? How To Manage Ediscovery Like a Pro

Presented by Brad Harris, VP of Product

April 13, 2021 at 10:15 am EST

Organizations that rely on Slack to facilitate collaboration and business communications know that the content within can be responsive to discovery obligations or crucial for internal investigations. Unfortunately, native Slack exports such as those available in Slack Plus do not make it easy to collect all of the necessary data, get relevant insights, narrow the scope, and easily export the data in a review-ready format. Slack Plus exports are produced in complex and difficult-to-read JSON file formats. Moreover, targeting a collection is limited and Slack exports will include message content and links to attached files, but not the files themselves—meaning collections can be incomplete.

In this session, learn more about the ediscovery challenges legal teams face when managing Slack data and learn how to overcome them. You’ll also see a quick demo of how Hanzo Hold can help corporate legal teams manage their Slack Plus discovery workflows.

Attend here: https://www.event.law.com/legalweek/Hanzo

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