Intranet Archiving at LegalTech NY Day 2

| January 30 2013

Day Two at New York Legal Tech.

Over the years, there’s been snow, rain, bitter cold – but this might be the warmest day for Legal Tech in a long, long time. Maybe ever. It might have been warmer outside than inside.

Speaking of inside and outside: today at Legal Tech brought to light that the “web” content many companies are concerned with most isn’t outside the company on social media or public websites, it’s <strong>INSIDE</strong> the company on intranets, wikis, collaboration sites, chat applications and other web-based tools.

Here are a couple of examples from conversations today (Cliffs Notes version: Hanzo can help collect internally hosted web content)

Let’s say a company uses an http-based, internally hosted ticketing system to track customer issues, escalation processes and resolution. The company’s response (or maybe lack of response) to the issue, who knew about it, when they knew it, etc., becomes a piece of information relevant in litigation. There’s no record in email because there was no email – all of the communication and documentation about the issue exists in the ticketing system. How does the company get at that information?

What about a company that publishes policy (HR, FRCP, security, compliance, etc.) on an intranet site, but the company doesn’t know for sure what policies are published where and in which version. How does the company ensure that it avoids future issues?

These kinds of scenarios (there are many more) made for good conversations on how Hanzo can help companies tackle complex information governance, compliance and e-discovery issues involving web content.

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