Introducing Hanzo Alerts for Compliance and Legal Teams

| May 14 2019

Despite the best efforts of a compliance team to review and approve every piece of content before it’s published online, and ensure that marketers are trained on specific policies and regulations, mistakes happen. That’s why we built Hanzo Alerts.

This new feature of our Hanzo Dynamic Archive software is designed to make it easier for compliance teams to identify non-compliant content on their website and receive an automated notification if something goes live that could be a risk or regulatory failure.

It also works for legal teams, who can use Alerts to automatically monitor thousands of website pages and social media profiles of specific companies or individuals under investigation and be notified if specific changes are made or red flags appear.

Whether it be a disclaimer that should be there, a bad word that shouldn’t be, or anything in between, Hanzo Alerts will enable your team to quickly identify and remedy problematic content before someone else notices and an innocent mistake becomes a regulatory failure.

It’s an extra layer of security and peace of mind for your brand’s digital presence.


Hanzo Alerts consists of three key features:

1. Schedule: Program a recurring daily alert with customizable keyword-based criteria. This enables you to proactively apply compliance policies across all of your new content, or keep track of thousands of pages of existing content on a daily basis to make sure nothing important is changed or modified.

2. Search: Once your alert is scheduled, our technology will automatically search and identify non-compliant keywords and terms across all of your archived web and social media content to pinpoint potential risks. You can search for any specific term that is on the page, or not on the page, and use Boolean operators for more complex criteria. 

3. Notify: Every day, you and your team receive an email with search results for each alert, identifying any matches against your criteria and providing access to each instance. This makes it easy to quickly act on and remediate potential regulatory violations, reputational risks, or compliance failures, and efficiently conduct subject monitoring for ongoing legal matters. 

Curious how it works? Schedule a demo with our team today to see it in action, or continue reading for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Hanzo Alerts for Compliance 2019

To start, create a “new alert” in Hanzo Viewer, setting the criteria for what time this automated recurring daily search runs and who should be notified if something non-compliant is identified for review. Next, select “manage captures” to choose the web pages in your Dynamic Archive that should be crawled and monitored with this alert. You can program each alert to run across any archived content.

Then, add a “new search” that contains the keywords and phrases that you need to ensure either appear or do not appear on each page. For example, “carrot” matches all pages containing the word, while “not carrot” matches all pages not containing it. Boolean operators can be used for advanced searches, like “leek and not carrot.”

Each alert can be saved, edited and deleted, giving teams the flexibility to easily modify criteria, apply an existing alert to new content, or remove redundant alerts. When Hanzo’s Alert technology concludes each search, an email is sent to the stakeholder with any matches based on your criteria. Results are automatically stored with details on the archived pages, the date, and the search criteria, simplifying review, remediation, and record keeping.

At the heart of this new technology is the ability to automatically identify specific terms or changes across any and all archived content and notify key stakeholders. We're excited to introduce this to our community and look forward to seeing how it will help solve unique compliance and legal challenges in the future.


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