IT Backups and Compliance


In our business, we commonly come across companies who feel their IT backups adequately meet their compliance needs. Unfortunately, compared to a proper <a title="General" href="">web archving solution</a>, this can expose those companies to risk and much higher cost margins.

Here's why: If we look at how even a simple company website is constructed, we see how these risks and costs arise:

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-249" alt="simple_website_functionality_illustration" src="" width="485" height="520" /></a>

The database, the CMS (and the files used by the CMS), and the software to manage the web connections (e.g. web server, load balancing, etc.) are all backed up using different processes. The company that relies on IT backups only, will have to show a regulator, auditor, or court that each of these processes has reconstructed the correct environment for any given day.

The key word here: <strong>Reconstruction</strong>. The company in question can produce backed-up data, but they can't show what their website actually looked like to the user. The more complexity in their back-up process or in the machinery that delivers the site, the more explanation will need to be given to the requestor, supporting their claim that this data is the best representation that can be made.

As time passes, of course, systems become even more complex. CMS and database software become obsolete, as do operating systems.

<em>Would you still have the expertise and support needed to recreate a fully-functional Windows XP environment 7 years from now, which will be 17 years after Windows XP was released?</em>

We've heard anecdotal evidence of companies having to rehire people to reconstruct their previous websites. If your company had to do this to meet a regulatory or legal request, could you present what your customers saw on any given day? Is that a risk you can afford to take?

Speaking of cost, this is a more obvious reality. Website reconstruction is a complex process with a price tag that increases every year. Opportunity costs are less obvious but still warrant heavy consideration. Our clients are able to use Hanzo's web archiving solutions to review data that would have been previously too costly or impossible to retrieve. Now, they can fulfill data requests and answer legal queries, which would have been difficult to deliver. Scary thoughts and an even more frightening reality.

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