Legal Counsel 2.0: A Call to upgrade to Web Archives


This article (<a href=";thepage=1">Homo Electronicus</a>) is a very interesting read in that it calls out a challenge facing lawyers in the digital age.

Many in the law profession are trained to utilize paper and manual research when putting a case together. This still occurs in eDiscovery quite a bit today.

As the article points out, its as if the legal community is unaware of the tools available for approaching eDiscovery tasks in new ways. These tools are compatible with eDiscovery software platforms and provide easy access to extracting and sorting online data, which virtually eliminates the need for paper files in court.

In an earlier <a title="Defining web archive scope" href="">post</a>, Hanzo's Mark Middleton defined the web archive scope, which is very important for anyone in the legal profession to read. It gives you the "what's in it" overview needed to understand the inherent value in web archiving for many litigious scenarios.

In terms of eDiscovery, imagine being able to access websites or social media case data within minutes, as if you were performing a typical browser search. It's a different approach to the traditional paper file process, but one that must be learned by all lawyers, as the article referenced above points out. Courts and regulators are now requiring web and social media data to be presented in full context. It's unavoidable. Where are you in the era of digital eDiscovery?

If you feel you've been nudged in the right digital eDiscovery direction, learn more about Hanzo web archives' compatability with Symantec Enterprise Vault™ in this <a title="Web Archive Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault" href="">joint solution datasheet</a>. Another point to keep in mind: Hanzo archives are compatible with other eDiscovery software as well.

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