Hon. Ron Hedges Discusses How Recent Regulatory Rulings are Shaping Compliance Best Practices in Upcoming Luminary Chat

| July 21 2022

When it comes to updates in the law or changes to the rules of civil procedure, attorneys should follow the resulting case law closely to understand the court’s interpretation and to build strategies and best practices around those rulings. It should be no different when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Compliance officers and in-house legal departments should be making efforts to stay abreast of how regulatory bodies are ruling, but with the rise of new laws around data retention and privacy, this isn’t as easy as it might seem.

In preparing for an upcoming webinar on the topic, I spoke with Ron Hedges, former United States Magistrate Judge for the District of New Jersey and current Senior Counsel at Dentons. He said, “The biggest challenge in compliance is keeping up with new laws and regulations and with new technologies. The latter can help with compliance and can also offer means to breach privacy and cybersecurity.”

Hanzo's Luminary Series was created to tackle big topics like these by engaging with industry leaders and tapping into their expertise. When it came to this topic, I knew Ron Hedges would be a perfect source of knowledge.

Ronald J. Hedges is a Senior Counsel with Dentons. He served as a United States Magistrate Judge in the District of New Jersey for over 20 years. Ron speaks and writes on a variety of topics, many of which are related to electronic information, including procedural and substantive criminal law, information governance, litigation management, and integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence into existing information governance policies and procedures.

Among other things, Ron is the chair of the Court Technology Committee of the Judicial Division of the ABA. He is the lead author of a guide for federal judges on electronically stored information. Ron is also the co-senior editor of The Sedona Conference Cooperation Proclamation, Resources for the Judiciary, Third Edition (June 2020). A list of his selected published works is available on the Dentons website.

If you’d like to listen in on our upcoming July 28th conversation, be sure to register for the free webinar here.

We’ll be discussing: 

  • How settlement agreements entered by the Federal Trade Commission have shaped compliance policy
  • Two approaches to cybersecurity best practices
  • Which standards are deemed reasonable under the New York Shield Act
  • Compliance Guidelines of the US Department of Justice

[Hanzo Luminary Series] How Recent Regulatory Rulings Are Shaping Compliance
A Discussion with Ron Hedges, Senior Counsel of Dentons
Jul 28, 2022, 01:00 PM Eastern Time

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