Mark Zuckerberg Makes Us Change…Yet Again!


Facebook is a powerhouse of social interaction. O.K. We get it. And, before everyone diggs in their heels, at least more than 800 million of us can consider ourselves "Zuckers" for whatever direction they choose to go. So what's the hubub, bub? Isn't Facebook just enforcing the one, enevitable (and universal) constant of change?

Because <a href="">Mashable</a> did an exceptional job of reporting the lastest and greatest from Mr. Zuckerberg's f8 reveal, and <a href="">The Facebook Blog</a> holds your hand as you jump into the new features, we refer you to those resources for gleaning the "What" about Facebook 3.0. As for Hanzo Archives, we'll be trawling the Web for information on the "How".

How will these changes alter <a href="">the marketing effectiveness of your Facebook business page</a>? How will regulatory agencies react? How will you maintain the integrity of your business compliance?

Until the new Facebook features launch, all any business can do is hypothesise. Or, you can implement and/or expand your <a title="Products" href="">web and social media archiving</a> protocol now.

As exciting as the new <a href="">Facebook Timeline feature</a> may be, it isn't even relavant to native-format <a href="">archving for e-discovery</a>. Individuals will craft their Facebook Timelines, and thus, be able to tell (a.k.a. skew) their story. Hanzo Archives web and social media archiving <a title="Products" href="">products</a> preserve and protect your online business presence in a time capsule. It's the type of service that your business doesn't know you need until you really need it: Necessary as apposed to novel.

Reading this post, you may now be intrigued more about the "Why" and "How" of web and social media archiving. We understand completely and, for your further edification, we invite you to <a href="">register for our next "How To" webinar</a> on the basics of web and social media archiving for compliance.

Or, if you prefer, get more targeted information relevant to your business by scheduling a demo. Either way, every business has a right to easy, accurate, and affordable online archiving solutions, and we're ready to provide it to you.

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