Meet Team Hanzo: Bess Spencer, Application Engineer Extraordinaire

| March 8 2019

How does the saying go? You can’t shoot for the moon if you don’t reach for the stars?

At Hanzo, we hold these aspirations near and dear to our hearts. We look for team members who are ready to map new frontiers and solve real-world problems. After sitting down with Bess Spencer, from the Hanzo development team, I got to talk about tech, legal, and get some very good advice.

A moment in the spotlight



What kind of Hanzo superhero are you?

Bess: Ha! I’m an Application Engineer if that counts as a superhero. I am responsible for the development of user interfaces for Hanzo’s apps.

Well, you strive to make people’s lives easier in their quest to advance defensible content in the legal system so that seems pretty superhero-like.

Bess: Well, yes, making the legal system work better is part of the mission.

What problem are you currently solving?

Bess: I am currently working on a Proof of Concept to recreate the user interface of our Investigations app on a different technology platform, moving from Django to React.

Why Django to React? What does that mean to clients?

Bess: Clients will get a better UX. React is very flexible and makes it easier to develop interactive web apps with impeccable performance.

What is your favorite part of working for a legal technology company?

Bess: Oh...picking a favorite is tough. I would have to say, providing industry professionals with easy-to-use apps that solve the compliance, legal, and risk problems they face regularly is very rewarding. It means you’re making a meaningful difference in the stuff that counts to them and providing them real value. On a creative note, working alongside a great team of developers on the creation of innovative technology is definitely a great way to get to spend each day.

So, can you share your secret to success? What is your philosophy about problem-solving, work, or life in general?

Bess: Don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t know something, and trust that you will find the solution if you are determined enough. Cultivate an open mind to change and use it as an opportunity to learn.


That’s good advice for a collaborative environment. What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

Spending time with my husband and our two daughters. We enjoy boating, dancing and building dens in the forest.


Inspired by Bess? We are too. Take a look at our careers page if you are seeking a way to explore new frontiers, we’re looking to add to Hanzo’s great team. There is a myriad of opportunities in engineering, customer success, sales, and marketing.


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