Meet Team Hanzo: Dan Spaide, Hanzo Partner Manager, The Practical Guy who Focuses on Solutions

| August 8 2019

This month I had the distinct pleasure to interview Dan Spaide. It’s fitting that such a nice family guy lives near the city of brotherly love, and he brings that concern for community to the work he does for Hanzo.


Tell me about your role at Hanzo?

Dan: I am the Partner Manager for Hanzo. It is my great privilege to manage the Hanzo Partner Program and cultivate relationships with complementary technologies and service providers so that together we can enrich the ecosystem and support a seamless customer experience.


What problem are you currently solving?

Dan: I want to help my clients be the hero for their clients. Legal service providers face a daily challenge when it comes to collecting information from the web. Outside of the “normal”, “easy-to-collect” sites, they come to Hanzo to help their clients capture the hard-to-capture information. When dealing with partners, it is my responsibility to ensure that they know we’re in their corner. I always ask clients “what are their current challenges”, “what keeps them up at night when it comes to collections”. Their answers help me connect their challenge to a solution whether its part of Hanzo’s technology, services or expert team of crawl engineers and data scientists. The team at Hanzo not only developed our products but are actively exploring how to capture and make sense of unstructured data and preserve it in a dynamic and defensible way.


What is your favorite part about working for a legal technology company?

Dan: Seeing what's next. What we’ve previously done and what we are currently doing is wonderful. But the one thing that really makes it exciting being with Hanzo is the company’s drive to create and develop the “next best thing” for our clients. I think the company has a great direction with each of our product roadmaps. There are some exciting developments on the horizon that I think that will surely change the playing field—let’s just not be reactive, let’s get proactive!


What is your philosophy about problem-solving/work/ life?

Social Graphic -Meet Team Hanzo - Dan Spaide

Dan: I prefer the KISS method with everything: Keep It Simple Stupid. For me, it breaks down as follows:

  • Problem solving - Do not focus on the problem, focus on the solution.
  • Work - Be honest, be prompt, and always listen.
  • Life - You only get one, so enjoy it. And, make sure you say ‘I love you’ to family and friends when you say goodbye.


What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

Dan: I’m blessed with two wonderful boys who keep me active at night and on weekends. If I’m not working, I’m either playing superheroes, putting together toys, or watching Dumbo for the third time in the day.


What brought you to Hanzo?

Dan: I was really impressed with the passion behind the company. I had the privilege to meet with team leaders like Evan Gumz, Senior Account Executive, and Keith Laska, CEO and hearing what Hanzo was doing, where they were going, and the solutions they are providing ...I just stepped back and said “I want to be a part of that”.


Where do you live?

Dan: Right outside of Philadelphia…..GO BIRDS! 

Dan Spaide at the Philadelphia Marathon


Favorite place to experience the best of your city?

Dan: There is so much to see in Philadelphia. I always recommend heading into Old City to take in the history and to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Next make your way to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and take a triumphant run up the Rocky Steps. Don’t forget, to actually visit the art museum at the top of the steps, so many people just leave after they run up . Then, go to South Philly to truly get a taste of the town with some real Philadelphia Cheesesteak.


What movie do you admire most and why?

Dan: My hands down favorite movie of all time is the Goonies. I think the best message from the movie is to go have an adventure.

Hungry for some cheesesteak, or perhaps ready to embark on a partnering adventure? Connect with us to learn more about partnering with Hanzo.


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