Meet Team Hanzo: Dave Ruel Lifelong Learner and Committed to Developing Products that Make Customers’ Lives Easier

| January 13 2021

Dave-Ruel-HeadshotMeet Dave Ruel, Hanzo’s senior product manager.  He brings a unique mix of fun, a thirst for a good challenge, and intellect to every meeting. Hanging with Dave, you get the sense that you’re in the presence of a person who knows his stuff. Good thing, though, since he’s responsible for developing solutions to simplify making sense out of collaboration data for discovery. He’s also an excellent listener and keeps his ears open to the most significant challenges corporate legal teams face.

What problems are you currently solving? How does it benefit the customer?

Dave: My first assignment has been to work on Google Workspace connectivity and workflow. With collaborative data quickly moving to the forefront of the workplace, we are making it as seamless as possible for our customers to connect to all of the various systems they may use day-in and day-out. My mission is to help create tools that genuinely make our customers' lives easier.


What is your favorite aspect of working for a legal technology company?

Dave: In many ways the legal marketplace was big data before big data was even a thing. I worked on cases many years ago that had tens of millions of files that needed to be managed, searched, culled and reviewed. Legal vendors have been at the forefront of big data solutions before we even had a name for it. It is fascinating to work in an industry where technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence gets put to use in practical ways and not simply relegated to think-tanks and science experiments. 


What is your philosophy about problem-solving/work/ life?

Dave: My base philosophy has always been “You are never too old to learn something new”. I had a twenty-year career in the printing industry with a strong emphasis on digital printing. I realized at one point that I was simply not challenged enough and was not learning anything new and shifted to an entirely different career and industry to continue to challenge myself. I strongly believe that people should continue to challenge themselves and not settle for where they have landed unless they are truly satisfied with where they are. 


What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

Dave: I love travelling and getting outside! Really love biking, hiking, snowboarding, and exploring new places especially since I’ve only been in Oregon for a year. There are certainly tons of new things to see and do out here. Also love camping and own a small teardrop trailer that my husband and I enjoy taking out to State and National Parks. I’ve always loved camping but there is something really special about setting up in one of the parks for more than a day or two because you get a truer sense of the environment that surrounds you.



Where do you live? 

Dave: I’m a newbie to Portland, Oregon having moved here in January of 2020. I grew up in Ohio and spent the last 18 years in Cleveland. I was blessed in my early career to have travelled to over 30 countries so it's wonderful to live and work in a new environment and State after having been grounded for quite a while.


Favorite place to take guests to experience the best of your city?

Dave: Wow, this is super hard since I’ve only lived in Portland for a year and Covid has been around almost the entire time. After a quick tour of the city I would probably immediately take guests up to the Mt. Hood area. It is absolutely amazing and quite diverse there. Timberline Lodge is a great place to just roam around and perhaps stop by the upstairs bar for a quick drink and a bite which can be enjoyed  inside or on the outside patio staring out at Mt. Hood.

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