Meet Team Hanzo: Evan Gumz—He’s Ready to Make the Next Legal Rockstar

| September 24 2019

Sitting down with Evan Gumz is calming. You get the sense that you’re in good hands. He’s thoughtful, he listens, and he knows what it takes to help customers be wildly successful.

What is your role at Hanzo?

I’m an Enterprise Account Manager at Hanzo. I’m responsible for account management and customer success. My role enables me to work with our existing customer base, which I really enjoy because I get to learn about what made companies choose to partner with Hanzo in the first place and see first-hand how our technology is solving their critical business issues. Every time I speak with a customer, it’s an opportunity to improve how we do things at Hanzo.


What problem are you currently solving or what is your mission? Why /How does it benefit the customer?

Our customers are managing different types of legal risk every day. For some, it’s keeping compliant with SEC/FINRA regulations; for others, it’s properly preserving their website content for eDiscovery. Their jobs are stressful and they want assurance that their collections are defensible and will hold up to legal scrutiny. My mission is to make sure Hanzo is delivering great value and making our customers’ lives easier. I want to empower our customers. I like to feel we’re training folks to be legal rock stars.

What is your favorite thing about working for a legal technology company?

Technology is naturally interesting to me because it makes us reconsider how we normally do things and encourages us to make a change. For years, people were fine with typewriters, because they were faster than handwriting. Then, word processors came along and made it easy to edit and revise anything you put down on the page. I feel like Hanzo is doing the same thing, showing we have more preservation options with websites than previously imagined.


Many people are familiar with taking screenshots of websites, even though that has mixed results. But most people don’t know you can have a replica that’s fully functioning and gives you all the original context. That degree of preservation is genuinely cool - but, on a deeper level, it’s a huge benefit to an organization that needs to prove to an auditor or legal authority exactly what was on its website, and how its visitors would have experienced the site.



What is your philosophy about problem-solving/work/ life?

Do your homework first. It’s not always easy but it’s worth it to invest your time and be prepared. Be prepared, but also be ready to react in the moment. All problems have solutions when you take a breath and look a bit closer.


What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

I love listening to music (I’m endeavoring to listen to every classic rock album there has been since the 1960’s!). When I have time, I really enjoy playing electric guitar and recording tracks on Garageband. My wife and I are both big movie fans and it’s not unusual to spend a Saturday night watching Turner Classic Movies or HBO.


What brought you to Hanzo? Any stories you want to share or career advice you’d like to highlight?

I was an eDiscovery attorney for a number of years. I worked on many projects at large law firms. Those gigs gave me a real appreciation for the sheer volume of ESI - there are plenty of emails out there to review! I was curious about getting into sales, and the vendor side of eDiscovery, so when the opportunity came along to work at Hanzo, I knew it was the right fit for me. It’s great to work for a forward-looking company that does something truly unique in the space, and it’s been a great experience. My biggest career advice is to figure out what you enjoy doing and commit to doing it the best you can every day. If you have a career goal, just keep working toward it (never give up!)


Where do you live?

I live in Center City Philadelphia. It’s awesome to live in a city with so much history. Some neighborhoods really feel like time travel. My wife and I knew we wanted to live in a brownstone and that’s pretty much where we’ve been living since!


Favorite place to take guests to experience the best of your city?

I usually ask friends what cuisine they’re in the mood for — there are so many options. There are restaurants in Old City, South Philly, and Chinatown I’d recommend. Rittenhouse Square and Washington Square are wonderful parks and great places to bring your guests any season of the year. We also love to visit the beautiful museums the city has to offer. 



What person or character in a book or movie do you admire most and why?

I admire the juror played by Henry Fonda in the movie 12 Angry Men, because he represents the best qualities - open-minded, unbiased, critical but compassionate.

Ready to become a legal rockstar?

We thought you might be. Contact us to see how Evan can help your eDiscovery efforts.

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