Meet Team Hanzo: Griffin Murray—Enthusiastic About Life & Legal Tech

| March 11 2021

It's that "Meet Team Hanzo" time again when I get the distinct pleasure to interview a colleague and learn more about what they do, what they care about, and how they thrive in life. Today, please meet Griffin Murray, who is an absolute optimist and is someone who brings complete focus and energy to any endeavor, whether he's connecting clients with solutions or catching a big fish.

What is your role at Hanzo? 

Griffin: I’m a Senior Enterprise Account Executive here at Hanzo focused on growing the company globally but with a primary focus on North America. I love being a consultative guide to some of the worlds largest companies as well as some of the fastest growing enterprises. Regardless of where these companies stand in their stage of growth, I strive to be a helpful resource in the rapidly evolving legal technology space — connecting in-house corporate counsel, data governance and compliance teams to the information and solutions they need to attain their respective goals. 


What problems are you currently solving? How does it benefit the customer?

Griffin: I’m currently working with dozens of enterprise companies on how to manage a problem that has swiftly dominated business across nearly every vertical. That problem is the management of unstructured data within collaboration apps such as Google Workspace and Slack for legal, compliance and data governance teams. 

Companies commonly face these challenges with collaboration data:

  1. The data volumes are massive and rapidly increasing—making the process unwieldy and costly
  2. The tools they have currently are not purpose-built for governance and discovery of collaboration data so they don’t handle the challenge well costing entire teams time and effort
  3. Data management is infinitely more complex with enterprise collaboration content and corporate legal and governance teams need a solution to simplify it and bring it into their existing workflows 


With our unique approach, we save companies massive amounts of time and money in the management of modern enterprise collaboration data.  It’s rewarding to connect clients with solutions  that give their teams internal control, such as the ability to capture precisely the data they need. This empowers teams to reach conclusions on complex investigations faster,  in a legally defensible manner. As these collaborative environments become more and more complex and difficult to manage, I get to be at the forefront of one of the most revolutionary data management solutions for legal and information governance teams. 


What is your favorite aspect of working for a legal technology company?

Griffin: In my years of working in the software industry, I have yet to experience a technology sector with more budding potential than I have here at Hanzo. The legal space is going through a massive digital shift. Much of that revolves around the access and management of more data than has ever existed before from more sources than ever imagined possible. It's a delight to be at the forefront of this shift and partner with prominent global companies to address these mission-critical challenges.  


What is your philosophy about problem-solving/work/ life?

Griffin: The most important thing I’ve learned in my career in sales is that the only way I can indeed be a successful partner to my clients is by being genuinely passionate about what I do. I love to problem solve and create solutions for people and companies. I always have and always will, so when people ask me how I manage my work/life balance, my response is that my balance comes from my work and  transcends into my everyday life. One could argue that I don’t work at all because I'm doing what I love. It's not about finding the best way to make work fit into your life. Instead, it's about finding something that inspires you to work on that can enrich the other parts of your life equally. Work-life balance is about challenging yourself with what you love each day. 

"One could argue that I don’t work at all because I'm doing what I love. It's not about finding the best way to make work fit into your life. Instead, it's about finding something that inspires you to work on that can enrich the other parts of your life equally."


What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

Griffin: Explore great restaurants, being outdoors (deep sea fishing, hiking, skiing, etc.), traveling with my girlfriend and friends. I also love music, sports, and the performing arts. To wrap it all into one, I’m someone who loves to explore new things, places, and experiences with the people I love. You only live once, and my goal is to make the most of the time I have with the great people I’ve been so lucky to have in my life.  




Where do you live? 

Griffin: I live in New York City in the Flatiron District right off of Madison Square Park. 


Favorite place to take guests to experience the best of your city?

Griffin: Being that I’m from and live in New York, that list is endless as it's truly a city that has it all. I guess the best statement I could make is whatever you’re interested in, we likely have something for you. 

In terms of restaurants, BondST, Sushi Kai for sushi, Joe’s for an authentic New York slice and Grimaldi’s for a Neapolitan, Lupa for Italian (incredible Italian wine list), Pastis for a great French bistro, and Kyma for Mediterranian/Greek cuisine with a fantastic cocktail list.

Enjoying a meal at Sushi Kai


As for the sights, nothing beats Central Park or a stroll through Greenwich village for lunch and shopping. Of course, I could stay here chatting about New York for hours, but you’re probably best contacting me on LinkedIn if you want some extra tips! Always open to chat! 


Want To Join Team Hanzo?

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