Meet Team Hanzo: Julia Vitti, A Dynamo With A Thirst For Knowledge & A Helping Spirit

| November 22 2021

2021_q4_bl_hanzo_meet_team_hanzo_julia_vitti_headshotThis month I have the pleasure of introducing you to Julia Vitti, Hanzo’s newest account executive.  She's a veritable dynamo with boundless energy and brings her special mix of humor, thirst for knowledge, and listening ear to every activity to help clients succeed.


What is your role at Hanzo? 


I'm an Account Executive at Hanzo. In my role, I'm constantly researching to find companies that will benefit from our enterprise information archiving and eDiscovery solutions, and I consult with potential clients to help them discover the right solutions to best address their specific challenges. I always want to provide value, and that requires research. Part of that research includes:

  • Speaking with prospects.
  • Learning about their current processes and challenges.
  • Working with our product team to ensure our roadmap aligns with the market's needs.

In this role, I'm always learning something new about the industry every day and new ways of helping clients achieve their goals!

What problems are you currently solving? How does it benefit the customer?

Julia: Hanzo solves a variety of problems in the legal and enterprise information archiving space including ediscovery, HR investigations, and support for IP protection. Especially with the increase in remote work, all companies use tons of collaboration apps (Slack, Google Workspace, Confluence, etc.). Unfortunately, it's pretty challenging to manage the mass amount of data from these sources. With Hanzo, our clients can search, collect, and preserve the relevant data they need for eDiscovery purposes in a defensible way.

On the enterprise information archiving side, many industries are highly regulated and must archive their dynamic websites regularly. Using our web crawling technology, we can archive our clients' websites in their native format. Clients have peace of mind that everything is archived correctly to comply with regulatory bodies like the SEC, FINRA, FDA PCAOB, etc. 


What is your favorite aspect of working for a legal technology company?

Julia: Since I'm brand new to the legal technology industry, I love being able to learn something new every day from our customers, prospects, and colleagues. In addition to that, working for a legal technology company is interesting because our clients often use our technology to gather data for lawsuits/cases that are well known and in the public eye.

It's been fascinating to be part of Hanzo for the last eight months and watch our company grow and develop our products to specifically meet the needs of our customers and what we hear in the market—looking forward to what's ahead for us!


The thrill is real! Whether she's learning about a new industry or jumping out of a plane, there is nothing that stands Julia's way, except maybe a plant 😂.  (Read below)


What is your philosophy about problem-solving/work/ life?

Julia: When I think about problem-solving, three things come to mind: Being prepared, asking questions, and actively listening. Clear lines of communication are also essential!


What is the most surprising thing you've learned after a year of lockdown?


Julia: Well, first, I learned I'm a horrible gardener. During the lockdown, I was lucky enough to leave the city and move back home to Connecticut with my family. When I returned home, I tried picking up some new hobbies, like gardening and quickly learned I do not have a green thumb. 

Joking aside, and although this wasn't surprising to me, it was amazing to observe the way people (In both their professional and personal lives) quickly adapted to lockdown. People even got creative in their personal lives by hosting Zoom Happy hours, car parade birthday celebrations, and socially distanced outdoor hangouts to stay connected with their friends and family. 


What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?


Julia: When I'm not working, I love to stay active (I'm a big Peloton fan and love to run), explore my city, try new restaurants, travel, and spend time with my friends and family! Since I've only lived in NYC for about two years, there's genuinely always something new to do, whether it's trying a new restaurant, going to a comedy show, or checking out one of NYC's many parks or museums. 2021_q4_bl_hanzo_meet_team_hanzo_julia_vitti_running

On the run and lending her efforts to raise money and help others.


Where do you live? 

Julia: I live in the Financial District in New York City! 

Favorite place to take guests to experience the best of your city?


Julia: This is a tough question - there are so many amazing things to do and see in NYC! One of my favorite places to take guests is Central Park. The Park always makes people happy, and even though I've been there plenty of times, I still stumble upon a new great spot in the Park every time I visit. Another favorite place to take guests would be the Hudson River Greenway. It's a beautiful walking/biking path that runs along the west side of Manhattan and overlooks the water. It has tons of fun things and restaurants at each pier along the way! For me, it's wonderful to take in all of the beautiful sights of the city. 


I ❤️ NYC!


Oh, and I can't forget about bringing my guests to some of my favorite restaurants and bars! 😋

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