Meet Team Hanzo: Mariana Rosario, Latina, Dynamic, and Undeterred

| September 21 2021

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month, and so the Hanzonian I am shining the spotlight on is Mariana Rosario. She is dynamic, organized, and a true force of nature. She also is passionate about problem-solving for enterprises grappling with managing complex SaaS data for legal and compliance risk management. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Hanzo? 

Mariana: I am Mariana Rosario, a Senior Enterprise Account Executive at Hanzo. My role here is to help ediscovery and compliance professionals better manage today's complex data. I see my role as a consultative matchmaker. First, I interview enterprise teams on their specific challenges. Then, I matchmake or connect them with solutions that provide the most outstanding value and empower them to meet their goals. 


What attracted you to join Hanzo?

Mariana: I wanted to join a growing organization that helps solve some of the biggest challenges with enterprises today. After meeting many Hanzonians during the interview process, I was impressed by the people, the technology, and the unique value that Hanzo provides. I have been in enterprise sales for years, and I knew that this was a team I wanted to join. 


What problems are you currently solving? How does it benefit the customer?

Mariana: We solve a variety of problems in both the legal and compliance space. The overarching issue in ediscovery is how to handle massive data volumes from a growing number of collaboration tools and other SaaS data sources. We currently use both of our technologies to solve this. When we talk about compliance, delivering exact content replicas and the interactive customer experience is critically important. I feel for the prospects who have very interactive websites. They struggle to find a solution to archive their content or their complex customer journeys successfully.

I derive much joy from these conversations because I am in a position to help. When I show them how we help enterprises capture and archive web content in its native format as if they were looking at the live site, they are delighted. It is a massive weight off of their shoulders that they can easily demonstrate compliance with regulatory bodies such as the SEC, FINRA, State regulations, and more.

What is your philosophy about problem-solving for work or life in general?

Mariana: Every problem has a solution. However, it's not always easy to find one. You have to work hard, try different angles, seek assistance from those with knowledge or expertise, and get creative. Also, Don't Stress Out! Keep your mind open to find quick workarounds while you do your due diligence. You may not find the solution to your challenge overnight, but eventually, you'll get there if you set your mind to it and work for it. Be undeterred in your quest, and it will pay off.


What is the most surprising thing you've learned after more than a year of pandemic restrictions?


Mariana: I learned four surprising things from pandemic life: 

  1. Being homey is actually kind of fun. 
  2. Knitting is more challenging than my mom said it was. 
  3. Life goes on, and 
  4. The music doesn't stop. 


What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

Mariana: I love being active, traveling, and eating delicious food. Speaking of delicious food, one of my favorite dishes is called Mofongo con Camarones (Mashed Plantains with Shrimp). Mofongo is a traditional food dish from my native Puerto Rico that has fried plantains as the dish's star. When I am not traveling or eating, I also love chilling with my dog, Buddy. He's a pretty fantastic pup.



Where do you live? And, what is your favorite place to take guests to experience the best of your city?

Mariana: I live in Darien, CT, and the two main things I do when someone visits are going to the beach and hiking. I'm lucky to live in a place with the best of both worlds—water and hills as I adore exploring nature. 


Buddy, enjoying nature!


Interested in Joining Team Hanzo?

We're hiring for several career roles in the US and in the UK. Check our openings and see if there is a position for which you may be a good fit. 

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