New Blog Starts With A Web Archive


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I've just started using a new blogging tool and couldn't face migrating our old blog to the new tool. So what's the solution? <a href="">Dogfooding</a>! We archived our website a couple of days ago as part of a demo, and exported part of that web archive and published it on our webserver.

Here's the recipe:
<li>Archive the current website and blog - <a href="">done</a></li>
<li>Publish the archive in the open - done</li>
<li>Re-blog selected articles (for convenience mainly) in the new tool - to be done</li>
<li>Redirect original URLs to archived URLs - to be done</li>
We could've written a script to migrate the content from the old CMS to new CMS, but we're all busy, and this web archive saves time.

So, welcome to the new blog. And here's <a href="">the blog archive</a>.

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