One Bad Tweet Can Spoil Your Business


Being someone who writes social media guidelines and protocols for businesses across many industries, it was refreshing to read Ben Kerschberg's online article, for <a href=""></a>, entitled "<a href="">Managing Information Risk and Archiving Social Media</a>."

Could this finally be the wake-up call that resonates within the business community?

Look, I've been online for more years than I care to admit, and one of the biggest frustrations I've had is the relationship "brick and mortar" brands have (or don't) with their online presence.

While many of us "early adopters" were working in start-ups building websites and online marketing campaigns, corporations were still deciding if the Internet was a fad. When they did "open shop" online, many of them went through trial and error periods that were costly and (in some cases) unnecessary. Now, with the power of Social Media, these businesses are forgetting a critical part of their strategy: Instructions for use. Just as a business has design and "voice" brand standards, so should it have Social Media use protocols.

Getting back to my earlier reference of his article, Kerschberg, who founded the <a href="">BK Advisory Group</a> and is a founder of the <a href="">Consero Group, LLC.</a>, lays out a simple scenario, which could happen to any businesss anywhere. An angry employee suddenly goes "rogue", Tweets false information on a competitor from the corporate account, and erases it. The company doesn't know about the thousands of times the proprietary information is re-Tweeted, until contacted by the media (or worse, a competitor's legal department).

So, what would you do? Delete your online accounts? That's not an option. Immediately develop company-wide Social Media guidlines. That's a start. But, to have truly robust Social Media standards, there must be a layer of protection. Imagine being able to squelch any thoughts of potential employee sabotage from the get-go.

If you have the time (and even if you don't), you may want to <a title="Contact Us" href="">contact us</a> to discuss a <a title="Web Archiving Solutions For Social Media" href="">social media archiving</a> plan for your business. Because, on the Web, news travels at the speed of a Tweet.

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