Product Liability and the Web Archive


As web and social media platforms evolve, many corporations are unable to manage critical, online information for possible litigation.

Tracking all specifications and representations of product lines, which are published online, is a nightmare for those charged with any product manufacturer's eDiscovery process. This is one instance where using Hanzo technology to archive web content definitely matters.

Take the recent conversation the Hanzo team had with a potential client. The company stakeholders asked what data Hanzo could capture and preserve within a web archive.

The answer is, of course, whatever the client requests.

Hanzo native format web and social media archiving technology collects and preserves every byte of data associated with original web and social media content. A Hanzo web archive is forensically sound and provides a complete audit trail for this captured, original content. Links work, videos and animations play, calculators calculate—essentially every web page, Twitter feed, or Facebook conversation operates exactly as it did at the time of capture.

Hanzo web archiving can also capture the Chatter feeds of key custodians (designers, engineers, product marketing personnel, etc.) which may contain information or evidence essential to a case. Another benefit of proactive, periodic archiving of publicly available content from associated suppliers, is the ability to collect warranty information, product specifications, ratings and other communications that may be at issue during a product liability case.

In the instance of product liability management, the few considerations outlined above may warrant a further conversation. If that's the case for you, I'd be happy to connect and discuss web archiving solutions for your company. <a title="Contact Us" href="">Contact us</a>.

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