Python Software Engineers wanted at world leader in web archiving


<strong>Job Description</strong>

Hanzo Archives is a world leader in commercial web archiving. We are looking for software engineers, who have been out of college for a year or two (or at least out of college and can prove themselves), to work and learn with us. Ideally you will have experience of Python or Ruby (or similar) and good knowledge of the web - you will know a web server from a router, your HTML from your RTMP.

Salary: In the region of £25k-£28k per annum.

We asked our team what the best features of the job were and here are some of the things they said:
<li>constant stream of annoying but interesting problems to fix</li>
<li>work from couch, never have to visit a data centre</li>
<li>incredible opportunity - early days in a growing start up with traction in the market place</li>
<li>forefront of web crawling</li>
<li>fast growing company with many challenges - high probability of your good ideas being used</li>
<li>good mix of operational, development, and research work</li>
<li>international travel opportunities for those who enjoy it</li>
<strong>Contact Info</strong>
<li>E-mail contact: <a href=""></a></li>
<li>Telecommuting is OK, but you should be based in the UK, our team meet up regularly</li>
<li>Agencies NOTE: Applications forwarded through agents will not be accepted. Agents who call unsolicited will go onto a black-list. We will ONLY work with agencies we know and trust.</li>

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