Quick Reference for Choosing eDiscovery Software for Web Content

| January 11 2017

The archiving of Web content and communications is a critical part of eDiscovery efforts and the right eDiscovery software to archive that content is one of your most valuable tools. As you consider your eDiscovery options, consider these three questions to make sure the solution you choose will fit your company’s needs, both now and as regulations change (and likely grow stricter) in the future.

1. Is the eDiscovery software you’re considering a comprehensive solution?

Not all eDiscovery software is created equal. For the best coverage in case of litigation, choose a comprehensive eDiscovery solution rather than one or a series of point archiving solutions. Point solutions may not integrate well with each other or perform optimally as part of your overall archiving ecosystem. A comprehensive eDiscovery solution, on the other hand, can more seamlessly capture and archive Web content, activity, and communications across your entire organization—including mobile-device activity and social media interactions.

2. Does the eDiscovery software you’re considering have the right delivery method?

There are two ways to deploy software: on premises or hosted (in the “cloud”). Depending on your own business needs, you may have one preference or the other. Today, many, many software purchases are moving toward cloud-based delivery because of its many benefits: Cloud services typically offer much more reliable service and more specialized, responsive support. That’s not to mention the dramatic increase in scalability and dramatic decrease in total cost of ownership (TCO) that generally accompanies a move to the cloud. Just make sure to check that any cloud eDiscovery service’s technical qualifications, infrastructure, and disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities match your company’s needs before signing on the dotted line.

3. Can you try the eDiscovery software you’re considering before you buy it?

PowerPoint (or vendor demo) and reality are often two entirely different experiences, so before committing to a new eDiscovery software solution, make sure you and your organization can take it for an extensive test drive. Identify all the personnel who will be interacting with your eDiscovery software and arrange for as many of them to try it as possible, using an old use case as your test case. Real end users will have a better idea of the features they need, such as search functionality and internal ownership, as well as the user experience flaws they want to avoid. They will also give you a deeper understanding of whether the eDiscovery software you’re considering will fit well with your work culture and environment.

Your organization needs eDiscovery software to reliably capture and archive Web content, activity, and communications to follow legal and internal requirements. You want eDiscovery software that can do all that in a streamlined and efficient manner, at a low TCO and with as little disruption to your existing IT environment or workflows as possible. The right solution is out there. Finding it just requires you to ask the right questions.

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