Ready Or Not Collaboration Data Is Here To Stay. Find Out How Ready Enterprises Are To Manage Risk.

| December 1 2021

ACEDS and Hanzo have partnered for the second year in a row to survey the market on the use of collaboration data for ediscovery and litigation. We aimed to measure trends of what collaboration data has been embraced by enterprises and how ready these organizations are to manage this data. On December 7th, ACEDS and Hanzo will host a webinar, at 12 noon EST / 9 am PST where we'll be sharing the latest results from this year’s benchmark survey.

In our first Annual Benchmark Report, we established the increasing importance of collaboration tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams for corporate communications. We expected this trend to increase based on 55% of last year’s respondents anticipating they would become more reliant on collaboration tools.

Since we last surveyed the market, the use of collaboration platforms has become more pervasive in companies supporting remote and hybrid working environments and is now making an appearance on the ediscovery scene

In this survey, Hanzo and ACEDS have established the first industry benchmark for collaboration data as a source for discovery, assessing organizational readiness for litigation response now and in the future. The panelists will discuss these important survey findings and analyze what these benchmarks suggest regarding organization preparedness for responding to preservation and discovery obligations.


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