The Rise of the Digital Platform Manager

| December 8 2014

There was a time when a company's core assets could be counted in factory buildings and employee counts, that simply being a manager was a sign of achievement. Then, there came a time when it was all about brand and brand manager was the job that launched a thousand careers. Today, digital platform manager would be the choice for latter day Benjamin Braddocks' looking to launch their career.

It should come as no surprise. Web technology has moved from the periphery of corporate life, to being a core competence of many large organisations. For some companies, the digital platform is the company. Google is an obvious example - an advertising company that happens to be excellent at technology, but what about banking or insurance? It would be inconceivable to think of either industry without a first class web presence. Banks are closing magnificent bank branches that once represented the physical manifestation of their safety and security. Now, it's more likely to be the solidity of their web presence that you'll be interested in, not the solidity of their buildings. Goodbye branch manager, hello digital platform manager.


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taking Center Stage

Multiple web-based technologies are constantly being stitched together, updated and improved; content is being added at a furious rate. As customers and employees become more mobile in every sense, it's all designed to make the modern company more agile, more productive and yet, as safe to deal with as it ever was. This digital platform is quietly becoming the core of the modern corporation and with few employees equipped to handle the commercial challenges, technical challenges and furious pace of change, the digital platform manager has moved to centre stage.


Challenges abound

You need a team that ranges from the deep-tech of back-end developers through to creatives that can generate first-class content and engaging design. You need to keep pace with technology updates that happen in weeks and days, rather than the years that characterised enterprise systems. You need to move the digital platform and content forward at a furious pace whilst keeping a 7-plus year record of everything for compliance, legal and management information purposes.


Looking Forward

The complexity of digital platform management shows no signs of abating as organisations look for ever more sophisticated ways to offer products and services to ever more demanding customers. Hanzo continues to develop the tools and technologies required to capture, record and archive high value dynamic web content that will otherwise be lost in the headlong rush to innovate. If you'd like to know more about how Hanzo Archives has helped organisations deal with the challenges of digital platform management, please get in touch.


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