Salesforce Acquires Slack; Ups Enterprise Reach And Infuses Collaboration Into Business Processes—Adding Increased Need For Information Governance

| December 1 2020

Salesforce recently announced the acquisition of Slack, which is certain to drive new and exciting changes in the world of collaboration software.  We wondered what the impacts might be, and what it may mean strategically for corporate legal and compliance considerations.

Bringing these major SaaS players together is a logical move, and will undoubtedly have a positive force multiplier for both Salesforce and Slack who compete directly with Microsoft for market share in the realm of corporate instant messaging. 

To begin with, Slack’s enterprise reach just received a major upgrade by being able to sell directly through Salesforce to their customer and prospect channels—giving it approximate parity for go-to-market combat. 

Furthermore, the integration of Slack’s messaging workflows into the Salesforce ecosystem  makes for a superior infusion of collaborative communication that ties directly into key enterprise systems of record. Information sharing across sales, marketing and finance, among other key systems of the enterprise, becomes easier and more prolific.

At Hanzo, we’re excited about the promise of this latest merger, and we’re ready to help our customers navigate the emerging information governance and discovery challenges that arise with the integration of such powerful applications.  Collaboration continues to evolve, and like always we’re staying on the forefront of this revolution.

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