Sharon D. Nelson, Sensei Enterprises, Inc., writes about Hanzo


<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-136 alignright" alt="John Simek" src="" width="140" height="196" /></a> <a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-137 alignright" alt="Sharon Nelson" src="" width="140" height="196" /></a>Last week I managed to get an hour with <a title="Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek at Sensei Enterprises, Inc." href="">Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek at Sensei Enterprises, Inc.</a>, the hugely influential computer forensics and information technology firm.

<a href="">Sharon wrote a great blog post about Hanzo Archives enterprise website and social media archiving</a> product, in which she sums up our offering really well.
<blockquote>"Hanzo allows a corporation to archive some or all of its web presence, including websites, blogs, wikis, social media sites, etc. in a time-structured, easily searchable archive which it can maintain in accordance with its compliance requirements and records management policies".</blockquote>
I couldn’t have put it better. Rather than replicate the entire post here, let me just fire off a few highlights:
<li>"in a nutshell, 'brilliant'."</li>
<li>"I was impressed by what Hanzo could do"</li>
<li>"John (predictably) [sic] was impressed by the underlying technology"</li>
<li>"It is impressive to see a web archiving product that can handle video, form posts, Flash and Ajax"</li>
<li>"It also supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and is moving to support additional social media sites"</li>
Hanzo’s pal Elisabeth pointed out her favourite:
<blockquote>"We watched in amazement as Mark pulled up Flash content from Coca-Cola’s site and then secondary Flash content as well"</blockquote>
It was a challenging demo (so much to show, so little time and so few bits/s) with a "barrage of technical questions" but it was huge fun to explore the technology and capabilities with people who just get it! We showed archives of various financial services firms, for whom Hanzo provides FINRA compliance for their websites, as well as archives of social media, and Coca-Cola.

After the meeting, Sharon and I explored the idea of a Pub Night Demo, and so Mark Williamson, our CTO, and I (the British) will be in Sensei’s neck of the woods on 9th November and will join Sharon and John for a demo night, allegedly in a pub! If you are in the Fairfax VA or Washington DC areas, get in touch, and we’ll let you know a time and location for the demo. I might even buy a round.

Thanks once again to Sharon and John and see you soon!

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