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Yesterday, I attended a Webinar addressing the Corporate Counsel audience. The content focused on social media use and why a social media policy is essential for compliance and brand image management. This is something we've written about before (<a title="Social media policy for business: Where’s yours?" href="">Social media policy for business: Where's yours?</a>).

Having used social media for a number of clients throughout my recent career, I'm still surprised at the lack of social media policies in companies across all industries. What's even more surprising? The lack of knowledge of social media archiving.

This is a big reason regulated companies miss out on using the power of social media. While other companies promote their products and services and protect their brand reputations through social media content, e-discovery, compliance audits (and the like) keep companies from pharma to financial away from it.

But, as I found out in the Webinar yesterday, regulated companies don't know there's a way they can participate; by archiving their social media content.

The reason this works is because social media archives support compliance. They prove social media compliance by providing auditors with easy access to date-stamped, forensically sound, native format social media content. Format obsolescence isn't a factor because each archive is a complete capture. This means that the archive contains all of the data necessary to "play back" the social media content in exactly the same context as it would have been viewed on the day of its capture: five, ten, fifteen years from now.

There are also numerous other uses for social media archives (best left for a future conversation); marketing analysis, corporate heritage, and employee training.

Amazing: yes. Useful: yes. Essential: yes. The only issue I see right now is spreading the word.

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Now there's even more for you to gain by using social media to expand your business. So, what are you waiting for?

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