Social Media Archiving, Like Social Media, is about Context


You’re on the ball. You’ve got your company out in the social media and you are doing inbound marketing with the best of them. But what about meeting your compliance needs? After all this is regulated as communications but unlike most emails and traditional marketing output it’s all on other peoples systems and servers.

There are two distinct approaches:
<li>capturing the text of the messages, as they pass in and out of your network, and</li>
<li>the Native Format approach, taken by Hanzo Archives (and others).</li>
Native Format archiving can be more expensive than a copy of simple raw messages, so why would you go down that route?

<strong>In a word: Context!</strong>

A conversation, which is what Social Media, inbound marketing, etc., is intended to be, does not happen in a vacuum. There is what you say and there is what your customers say. This being the internet, there are links to other places, and of course the use of style sheets and javascript means that how your message appears is managed separately from the content of it.

A Native Format archive gives you the whole picture. A customer claiming they missed a message can be dismissed by showing both the fact that it was communicated, but also that is was prominently placed on your facebook wall for a period of time; moreover, and far better, it can show if they replied to it.

If your post links to pages elsewhere on the net, the precise content of the pages you linked to at the time you linked to them can also be replayed exactly as they were.

What is more you can collect the comments and replies that your customers make. Positive or negative, by having forensically sound records of all these comment you gain a degree of control over them and any disputes over them become black and white, rather than heresay.

The internet can seem a little like the wild west at times for many organisations. A forensically sound and most importantly, complete, record of your companies interactions out there will leave you in a much stronger position to deal with the legal claims that commercial activities often attract in this day and age.

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