Social media policy for business: Where’s yours?


As it turns out, last week was about catch-up, instead of blogging. But it's Monday, and l have even more new insights to share.

Going back to Hanzo's company meeting, one of the topics we discussed at length was the growing need for companies to implement social media policies.

We've blogged about <a href="">social media compliance</a> before, and cautioned readers on developing their policies now rather than later. If you haven't noticed, use cases supporting why a solid social media policy is essential to your business operations have increased exponentially over the last few months.

Perhaps you have a social media policy in place: That's great. I'll assume, then, you have a protocol for Records Management using <a title="Products" href="">native format archiving</a> as well. What's that? You don't? Then a big piece of your policy is missing. Read Molly Bernhart Walker's article, <em><a href="">Social media archiving policies must be realistic</a></em>, and I think you'll see why. In it, Walker shares a prediction that maybe half of all companies could be required to provide social media content for e-discovery requests within the next 2 - 3 years.

Speaking of e-discovery, I found <a href="">Kristin D. Sostowski's write up</a> on the <a href="">National Labor Relations Board's </a>guidance via social media case rulings on <a href="">Gibbons E-Discovery Law Alert</a> very useful. It provides excellent direction for businesses with and without social media policies in place. Another great resource for social media policy examples is <a href=""></a>.

Though great resources, none of these really go in-depth in terms of how social media activity should be captured. Nor do they give information on how that data should be delivered on-demand to regulators, auditors, and for e-discovery requests.

This is a big reason why Hanzo Archives was founded: To provide native format archiving solutions for the modern web--no matter what day and year the capture takes place.

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