Talking web content collection and preservation at LegalTech NY


It's LegalTech NY Time Again!

Great to see many friends, colleagues and clients. There’s been exciting buzz around Hanzo Archives and our approach to web content collection and preservation. “We’ve heard great things about you,” and, “we need to start using Hanzo,” are two of the most common (and most gratifying!) comments we’re getting.

One of the things causing the most interest in Hanzo is our "On Demand" web archive service. We’ve had great meetings today with law firms and service providers who see it as an easy, cost-effective way to perform defensible, standards-driven collections of web content. With just a few clicks, the collection starts and automatically returns the collected content in true web-native format.

Law firms like it because it is quick, easy to use and easy to get started. But what might matter more than all of those is that Hanzo’s collections are forensically sound and in compliance with the ISO 28500 standard for web content collection and preservation. Quick, easy and low cost solutions are great, but defensibility is best.

There are several hot topics at this year’s NY Legal Tech, and web and social media content are certainly near the top of the list. It’s probably too late to say it’s an emerging area – it’s already here.

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